Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geocaching on the Bruce Trail

This is Margaret, Barb and Jane.


When they aren't geocaching they are nurses, but that doesn't come into this blog other than the fact that I wasn't too worried about what would happen if I tripped and broke a leg.

And yes I was out on the Bruce Trail with them because I want to learn how to become a geocacher, too!

Barb found the first cache.



Inside the box there were several trinkets. 

The idea is that if you take something out of the container you should
replace it with something else.

And there is always a journal at each cache.

In the journal you write your name and the date before you put the whole
thing back for the next person to find.

Jane is holding the cache she found and looking at a toy that was inside
the box.

She is likely thinking about her five awesome grandchildren.

Margaret found one too. 


She found a 'travel bug' in her cache. 
An English Hippo!
Travel bugs are considered very special by geocachers and unlike the small items you can take  home, these can't be traded in for something else and

They must be passed on to another cache.

Did I mention that Margaret is a bee keeper?
We went to see her bees before we started our hike
but they were in a collective bad mood because of the rain
so we didn't get up close and personal with them.
Margaret also has blue bird houses she keeps in the Short Hills.
I think maybe I should quit complaining about Bell Canada and
Google+ and get out and do something worthwhile with my life.

But until I find my true humanitarian calling I might just be a geocacher
for awhile.


I found a travel bug, too!

You can learn more about geocaching at http://geocaching.com



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