Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Wise Not So Nice Little Girl

I was invited to a birthday party a few years ago.  

I happened upon this small scrap of defiant humanity that day.

She didn't know me and consequently didn't feel compelled to put on her 'nice little girl' persona. The party wasn't for her so she didn't have to worry that I would get mad take her present and go home.

She studied me calmly, unsmiling when I took her photo.  She wasn't afraid - or friendly either for that matter.   

It was unnerving to be so judged by a three year old.

And just between us ... I'd like to ditch my 'nice little girl' persona too.

Wish I'd asked her what I should do because by now she must be six or seven and totally nice.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

On The Other Hand

In the middle of November I slipped on the ice and broke my thumb.

My right thumb, hand and wrist were in a cast for an eternity. And having my dominant hand suddenly unusable created all kinds of problems
in my day to day 'First World' life, (i.e., driving, opening tin cans, cooking, doing up various parts 
of my clothing), but the worst part was that my
drawing hand was kaput.

In desperation I began to use my left hand.  The only picture that I did with my left hand that was worth saving was the last picture I posted. 

The thing is that I love that picture and when I compared it to my other work I see it is simple and yet so bare naked truthful.  

Done in the Medieval style it is called, "Willpower" 
and is all about using only my mind to control things
that are potentially out of my control.

The cast came off earlier this week and I am really feeling quite scattered.

My right hand seems like a friend I haven't seen for awhile - it is a bit uncomfortable finding things to talk about.

(And I am a little pissed at it anyway for letting me down.)

My left hand, on the other hand, was difficult to be with but interesting and I don't know that I want to drop it just because my right hand is back.

I decided to do draw something (right hand) to try to ground myself

 but I still feel unsettled and it shows.  :( 

A stranger in my own mind.

PS On the positive side, while encased I did discover the Quebec author Louise Penny and her wonderful Inspector Armand Gomeche murder mysteries.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


This is a picture of me rejoining my blogging buddies who want to know where the Hell I've been and WTF I think I am anyway.

No it isn't.

But I am back.  Being 'Francie McGlynn Art' on facebook isn't being part of the community of artists sharing ideas and talking about art the way I thought it might be.  It is a way for people to showcase what they are doing and that is actually quite fascinating, it is good to see what is out there.

But I missed my blog and blog buddies.

So I'm back.