Thursday, October 1, 2015

Secnarf on Senate Reform

This week I was again able to catch up with Secnarf, last remaining member of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada and candidate for Prime Minister in the October Federal election.  Here is a transcript of the interview:

Francie: Secnarf, what is your policy regarding 

Senate reform?

Secnarf: Well Francie, as you know I've always 

been in favour of an all female elected Senate.  

would call it 'The Hall of the Matriarchs'.

Francie: So the lower chamber would be for men 


Secnarf:   It would be for anyone who believes the 

good behaviour of an elected member of the nation's 

parliament includes burping, farting, scratching 

themselves, dragging their knuckles  across the

floor, posturing aggressively and hurling loutish 

insults at other members without listening to a word 

anyone else has to say.

Francie:  I see. And upon what would you base this?

Secnarf:  It was the Iroquois way.

Francie: But the Iroquois matriarchs were able to 

control the warriors by withholding food.

Secnarf: Exactly. That is why the Hall of the 

Matriarchs would have the keys to the House of 

Commons.  Nobody would get to the cafeteria or the 

bathroom until some work was done.

Francie:  Two votes for every woman, an elected all 

female Senate, a House of Commons starved into 

submission.  I like it.

Secnarf:  It is the wave of the future!

Remember folks, 


It is a vote for a politician who looks
like a Cabinet Minister nobody
remembers anymore! And that's a
good thing.