Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thrown away

I was going to buy forever things this year.

Invest in clothes that were made in Canada.

Good stuff that would last a lifetime.

Or maybe two.

I'm talking about clothes I could leave in my

will seeing as 'forever' at my age isn't that long.

But I needed some t-shirts.

It's getting warm out there.

The discount store* that bills itself as "Canadian"

And I did what I had promised myself I wouldn't do.

I bought two t-shirts @ $4  each.


Definitely not forever clothes.  

Clothes I could putter around in.

Walk the dog in.  

Throw away clothes.

After I washed them I read the labels.

Throw away clothes

from a place where they have

throw away workers.

*FYI Giant Tiger sells clothes made in Bangladesh.


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