Saturday, May 10, 2014

Secnarf: No Sex Please, We're Canadian Politicians

Secnarf - the only politician who looks like a disgraced former Federal Conservative cabinet minister issued a press release today stating that she is running in the Ontario Provincial election.  I caught up with her in Port Weller this afternoon.

Francie: So Secnarf, this is interesting news.  Let's get right down to business.  What's your platform?

Secnarf: As always I stand for electoral reform, Francie.

Francie: eek.

Secnarf:  Politics should be a calling. 

Francie:  A calling? Like to the priesthood? Are you suggesting celibacy? 

Secnarf:  Absolutely.  

Francie:  That will be popular. Maybe not with politicians but definitely for the rest of us. I haven't slept well since Rob Ford went home to eat. Can we check back next week to see how your campaign is going?

Secnarf: Yes and remember:

Vote for Secnarf, 

the only politician 

who looks like a 

former cabinet 


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