Saturday, May 3, 2014

What's in a Name?

So my ETSY shop is up and running.  Maybe limping or comatose is a better description - but the fact remains that it exists!

But it doesn't have a name.

Okay it is flying (arg, another descriptive verb) under the banner franciemcglynn right know, which as far as find-ability goes might as well be the Welsh word fryfffllgyynbnyffnynnllfgg.

A friend suggested combining francie and art and calling it the 'fartshop'.

I like it but fear it wouldn't attract the gentile clientele I want.

And besides, since I have adopted a gluten free diet it would have to be called the 



I was wondering about using my blog name and calling it:  northendart.

What do you think???

PS If you haven't investigated the Etsy world you should.  I have only dipped my toe into it but it seems full of wondrous things! 

PPS  fryfffllgyynbnyffnynnllfgg isn't a real live Welsh word.

PPS These are the 2 giclee prints I'm selling

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