Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buffaloed at The Garrison house

My friend Nadine, who is another retired teacher told me about a restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake that she had seen featured on the Food Network.

It is called 'Gartrison House' and she wanted to try it.

I said I would go with her.

As we were looking at the menu I noticed a dish that had Buffalo cheese in it.

"Well," I said to Nadine, "the best chicken wings in the world come from Buffalo, they must make good cheese too."

Nadine said, "Francie, mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo-the -animal-not-the-city milk."

I squinched my eyes at her."You mean to tell me somebody hooks buffaloes up to milking machines?"

"Well, I'm sure I don't know," she said slightly offended, "all I know is what I told you.

Now my understanding of buffaloes is that they a big, hairy, dirty, smelly beasts that live and defecate  on the Saskatchewan prairie.

I passed on the dish with buffalo cheese.

Nadine did too for some reason.  

She had the halibut which she said was yummy.

I had the chicken curry.  I forgot to copy down the name of that giant potato chip but it started with a p and was really spicy good!!   

The curry was great and the amount I was served was just right.

Nadine had the cheese cake with rhubarb topping for dessert. 

She said it was delicious. 

I had to choose between the raspberry creme  brulee and the strawberry tart.

A choice no woman should have to make.

I had the tart!  ♪♪♪☺

And this, ladies, was our waiter.

Thought I'd celebrate Canada Day with a picture of a handsome young Canadian man.



The next morning I was talking on the phone to my friend Jane.  

"Nadine says mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo milk," I said.

She googled it while we were talking.

"It is," she said, "water buffalo milk, although because water buffaloes are only found in a few strange places like Bulgaria, most of what we get is made from cows milk.


Water buffaloes.

If I had only known, eh?

The Garrison House

You really should eat there!


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