Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Love VistaPrint

Ain't it great??

My business card!

(Oh the bottom isn't really all smeary - I did that so that cyber ax murderers won't find out where I live.)

It is beautiful and I am very proud of myself.

But of course being a teacher I never read instructions and ran into a bit of a problem when I sent VistaPrint the wrong address for my website.

I was in a total panic when I realized what I had done and decided to go back and read the directions.

The directions said that once I pushed the final button there was no turning back. I had to live with what I had ordered.

I decided to throw myself on their mercy and wrote a pitiful letter that would make tears come to the eyes of Gunga Din.

But I didn't expect clemency.

Good grief my cards arrived the next day with the corrections made and a wonderful e-mail from one of the workers!

I'm so not used to good service and a company that goes out of its way to assist its clients.

If this is online business, I like it!

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