Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Unquiet City

Canada Day Celebrations at Niagara-on-the -Lake

I took my dog for a walk after I returned from the 

Labour Day Festivities that go on every September in 

my home town of Merritton.  I expected my street to 

be quiet in the old Sunday sense, i.e. businesses 

closed and everyone relaxing.

But a large garbage truck rumbled and clanked to a

stop in front of me and a man jumped out and 

started emptying the recycle bins into the back of 

the truck.

I was shocked.

"I'm surprised your union let's you work on Labour 

Day!" I said to him.

"What union," he said grimly.


Today isn't Labour Day.

But it is Canada Day which is a national holiday.

It should be quieter than the normal work day.

People who aren't essential workers should be 

gathered in groups to celebrate.

But it wasn't quiet. 

Non-union workers were everywhere.


The noise of a city at work continues 7 days a week

in 2014.


The unions are dying and I'm beginning to think

they may take our sanity with them. 

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