Monday, June 10, 2013

Parking Lot Rage

As I nosed the spy car into a parking spot at the grocery

store yesterday I noticed that the man parked in the

adjoined space ahead of me was getting into his car.


"Oh good," I thought, "I'll be able to pull ahead! 

No worries about backing up and squashing somebody

when I leave."


Our cars were sitting bumper to bumper so I kept

my hands on the steering wheel and peered at him



He yawned, leaned an arm out the window and gazed

blankly off to the side, avoiding my gaze.


"Oh rats," I thought, "He's waiting for somebody,

probably his wife is in the store getting her groceries." 


I sighed in resignation thinking of all the flattened

bodies I'd be leaving in my wake when I left and

I turned the spy car off. 


The minute I shut my car down he smiled and
backed out.

So I shot his back wheels out.

The female police officer who arrived shortly after

complimented me on my restraint and gave him a

ticket for being a public nuisance.



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