Monday, June 17, 2013

I'd Rather Live in Paraguay

Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership ...
Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership convention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anybody catch Doug, (Geezeronline), Jamison's post this week

about the group of  impoverished kids in Paraguay who are

making extraordinary music with recycled junk? 


I found my own tears forming when tears welled up in the eyes

of a 15 year old girl as she spoke about how grateful she was to

her parents and how much she loved them.


If you missed it you can watch it here.


Okay.  Here's my second question.  


Anybody catch the news that Justin Trudeau is going to pay back

the charity that paid him $20 000 to be a guest speaker? 

The charity lost money on the deal and it was hurt feelings all

around I guess.


But I don't get it.


How is it that Justin Trudeau would charge a charity $20 000

and what kind of a charity would have that kind of money lying

around earmarked 'guest speakers'?


I guess $20 000 is small change in the world of celebrity guest

speakers and large high profile 1st world charities. 





Something is very, very wrong with our society.

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