Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Bite of History

200 years ago Niagara was occupied by American troops.

And they weren't happy camper-occupiers either.
Most were farm boys doing their stint in the militia

and not happy to be away from mom and home
AND in a foreign land.


And the Canadians weren't happy about being occupied.

So the whole thing made for some nasty business.


But out of  the smoke of battle a heroine arose
and this week the people of Niagara are honouring



Saturday is the 200th anniversary of Laura
Secord's walk through enemy lines to warn

Lieutenant Fitzgibbon  of the impending attack
by the Americans. 

You can read about her here.


I'm going to be retracing her route with an awful
lot of other people on Saturday and I thought I'd

take this opportunity to show off my swag bag.


Okay, forget the bag - I really wanted to show you
the big fricken Laura Secord chocolate bar that was

in the bag!!!!  (Black rectangle, bottom left).

I know, I know. 

Laura didn't have a chocolate bar to give her energy
on her long trek through a wilderness filled with

rattlesnakes, bears and enemies.


But hey, I won't either!


I already ate it.




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