Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grave Faces II

Cemeteries are full of whimsy
and hope.


This tiny little fellow is not engaged in angelic work yet. 
He is far too young. 
As I snap his picture I wonder if angels are born or just magically appear.
If they are born, it means that angels ...



I love the look on her face.
It is the look that children get  when they are absorbed by the story they are hearing. 
I imagine that this angel is hearing the life story of the person upon whose tomb she rests.
Must have been a rip snorter of a life!

 Not quite old enough to guard the living or welcome the dead,
this child is engaged in tending the gardens. 
He takes his new responsiblity very seriously
like a child in charge of cleaning the chalk board brushes at school.

A pre-teen! 
 Because of the impish little smile, I keep expecting one eye to pop open
as she checks to see whether her friends have their eyes closed too. 

 I was tempted to put an ipod in the ear of this angel before I took her picture.
She looks lost tin her music like any teenager.

Such a compassionate face. 
 She looks like the kind of girl a teacher would pick to take care of the new kid in the class. 
I imagine this is the angel who greets new arrivals.

I hope she was on duty last week.

As I was leaving the cemetery today a butterfly landed in front of me.

A comforting symbol at the end of a sad week.

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