Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get Your Pots and Pans Ready, Canada

Québec student protest
Québec student protest (Photo credit: Pedro fait de la Photo)

I don't think the Quebec protests are about tuition hikes.

They might have been at first, but not anymore.

I think that the Quebec government is the first of many North American governments that are powered by big business to finally hear the sound of the people.

And right now thousands of people all over the province are taking their pots and pans to the streets every night. 

The clanging can just barely be heard in Ontario but it is sending shivers down a few spines at Queen's Park and in Ottawa, I'm sure.

This week Andrew Coyne, a reporter with the Montreal Gazette complained that, " a democratically elected government may be prevented by force and intimidation from enacting laws in the public interest...;

I'm guessing the protesters would say the laws are only in the interest of the wealthy.

Telling people that true change will happen at the ballot box is a lie.
When we vote we trade Tweedle Dum for Tweedle Dee.

To say I'm worried about the future would be an understatement.

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