Thursday, June 28, 2012

Those Cluckers

English: Henhouse near Ganthorpe
English: Henhouse near Ganthorpe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the chickens are coming home to ro roost.

The Conservative chickens that is.

And you'd better hope that you aren't in the hen house when it collapses.

Or on the bridge.

Or under the overpass.

Or in the shopping mall.

I was going to post a blog about the omnibus budget

before it passed last week,

actually started gathering a few facts

but I'm trying not to blog about Canadian politics at this site

and because there is nothing that will cause a severe case of

the dreaded eyes-glazing-over disease faster than the words, 

"Canadian budget",

I didn't.

And I suppose it wouldn't have mattered.

At the time I was worried at the cuts the government had planned

for our most vulnerable; seniors, aboriginal women, etc.

I didn't know the cuts also included funding to our search and rescue teams.

I'm very thankful they were deployed to Elliot Lake

and pray that if any more disasters are slated for Canada

that they happen this fiscal year

before the teams have to be disbanded.

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