Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Cleaning Blog

Most Thursday nights my friend Kim and I go for a dog walk.

We talk about a lot of things - people, world events, kids etc.

but we DON'T EVER talk about housework.

I mean


So I was quite shocked when she told me about a new

chemical free

way of cleaning that she is using.

She said her friend Angie is selling it from her home.

I know Angie slightly because I taught her son

so I called her and made an appointment.

You know -

 save the environment and all that.

Angie came over yesterday.

This is what happened:

My stove top.

I have been trying so hard to keep the black top nice.

Bought the recommended cleaner and the special sponge.

I was surprised at the difference when

 Angie cleaned the front burner on the right.

The one on the left isn't been done yet.

Here's the close up. 


I decided to clean the left burner.

First  I tried the recommended cleaner but as usual I couldn't get all of the marks off.

Then I tried Angie's product.

Check out the burner on the left after I had finished!

 Angie is cleaning my kettle while I take a picture of my beautiful stove.

In the past I've had to use magic eraser to remove tea stains from my cups

but here I am removing the stains with only a cloth. 

No chemical cleanser!

There's a scientific reason for this, but I'm not a scientist

and who the frig cares anyway. 

It works and it's safe.

My sink with just a few swipes of the cloth.

And here is Angie doing my kitchen window

without vinegar and newspaper which is my preferred window/mirror cleaner.

Not a streak and not an iota of dirt.


Now I have to tell you I am impressed.

The only thing I  didn't like was that although the products originated in Norway,

they are now made in



Anyway, the company is called


 so if you would like to have a few less

chemicals in your life

check them out at

PS  Remember the tire blog? 

I promised I would never blog about tires again.

Well I never have.

And now I give you my solemn word that

I will never blog about house cleaning again!


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