Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey! It's Gay Pride Week!!!

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Hey everybody, it's June and that means

Gay Pride week is coming up!!

You go girls!

(and boys of course, but you boys please remember to cover your testicles when you are on TV.)

Last year I wrote about my friend, A., who asked me to
meet her female life partner.

I went to Tim Horton's to meet them not really knowing what to expect.

Of course what I found were two perfectly ordinary people,
companions who were lucky enough to have found each other
and were working hard to make a life together.

We had a great visit.

Then last December I was invited to an extended family Christmas party.

While there I met another lesbian couple,
one of whom is my second cousin.

Both young women accepted and loved dearly by their families.

And I was struck by how times have changed.   

I don't think gay people have it particularly easy in 2012
but I do think it is getting better.

And I love that CTV commercial advertising Gay Pride Week.

You know -

The one that ends with the words


Have a great Gay Pride Week everyone!

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Plowing Through Life (Martha) said... had me in stitches telling the boys to cover up their testicles on TV. I always enjoy your wonderful sense of humour, Francie! Great post.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, things have changed tremendously and that's a good thing! Everybody has the opportunity to know GLBTQ people now because of people feeling safe enough to be out and isn't that terrific?

The Episcopagan said...

Ha ha, Martha. Yes the boys are very very naughty.

Debra, I never thought of using the word, 'safe'. But it makes sense.

Jane said...

I don't know if it's just me, but I've always thought lesbians were much more accepted than the guys (gays?) - I know a lot of people who'd accept women living together (the relationship being a given) than men - people seem to get much more indignant about that living arrangement for some reason. Anyways, Happy Gay Pride Week everyone!

The Episcopagan said...

I never thought of that, Jane. Maybe some folks think two men are more threatening to civilization as we know it than are two women.

Anna St.Amand said...

Thanks, Francie, from 'A'. It does become easier when one's life is not a secret and one does not have to be concerned about losing a job if found out. Unfortunately, there are too many places and people not allowing that to be the case. One way or another I face an obstacle every day. But I can always look in the mirror and know I have integrity and courage. That makes me able to be happy. Those who cannot be open enough to accept have to deal with their own limitations. And some of them are not very happy people.

The Episcopagan said...

You have integrity and courage by the bucket load my dear friend (and favourite pool rat). I'm so proud of you. And every obstacle you meet and overcome makes it easier for young people who are struggling with gender issues.