Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mrs. Russell Williams

"...wickedness is not something that replaces the goodness of a man, it is the staining ...of an innocence...

The Symbolism of Evil, Paul Racoeur, Beacon Press, 1967

A terrible criminal case came to a close this week in Canada. A high ranking, respected military officer, one who had evidently piloted the Queen around the country, was arrested and confessed to the rape, torture and murder of two young women. He assaulted and stalked other women and girls, some as young as nine.

He was sentenced to life in prison, twenty-five years without parole.

I saw one sickening image of Russell Williams posing in the undergarments of one of his victims. He was a stomach-turning parody of a woman.

It made me wonder where the real woman in his life is.

She did not attend the trial.

I must tell you, some things aren't sitting well with me about Mary Elizabeth Harriman, (aka Mrs. Russell Williams). She is now the sole owner of their $700,000 home in Ottawa, has a cottage in Tweed and she has returned to her high powered job. (Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Oct. 22, 2009, The Enigma of Mrs. Russell Williams)

What was she doing when he was out committing his unspeakable deeds? If his trophies were in bags that were strewn about the house, why didn't she notice?

Why isn't she being held accountable?

What am I missing here?
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