Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Headless in Seattle

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The murder of Thomas a Becket

Over the next week or so, In honour of Hallowe'en I'm going to look back at a few of the things that have scared me at some point in my life.   Here is a story that I heard at a sleep over when I was in grade eight.  

It might be familiar to you, too.

 "A murderer was terrorizing a town. 

But a girl and her boyfriend didn't care.  They went parking in a dark lane one night anyway.  
After awhile they heard something so the boy  told the girl to get under a blanket and hide on the floor of the car while he  went out to investigate. Before he left  he told her that he would knock three times when he wanted to get back in the car. 
She waited a long time.  
Finally she heard tap...tap...tap...  She crawled out from under the blanket and saw her boyfriend's head stuck on the car's aerial. The wind was knocking it against the car window."

I don't think I slept for weeks after I heard that one.

And more than four decades later I still find it a disturbing story - as much for what it leaves out as for what it tells us.

I mean, I'd like to know what happened next.  Did the girl actually jump into the driver's seat and speed off with her boyfriend's head still impaled or did she spend the night huddled under the blanket listening to the killer rattle the door handles?

Yikes again!

As a cautionary tale for young teenage girls this one works. 

My inner fourteen year old girl will never go parking with a boy again!


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