Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Growls From a Cynic

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I've become a distrustful, cynic.

At least when it comes to insurance companies - and probably politicians, but this blog isn't about politicians - not directly anyway.

Like most retired teachers I have extended health care coverage through the Retired Teachers of Ontario Group Benefits Programme.

It isn't what I was used to when I was working, but I'm glad to have it just the same.

Recently Manulife has been putting on a big song and dance about an added insurance plan that they are offering for a limited 90 day period.

It is an "open window" for three short months that will allow retired teachers to pick up added insurance without a medical exam. If we don't get it now the window will slam shut and someday when we are crippled, dismembered and plague ridden we will only have ourselves to blame when Manulife refuses us.

So kind of them. So thoughtful. As usual the insurance companies have only our best interests at heart.


It's a sales pitch.

But the number of worried women who came to the meeting was a concern to me.

Think of your favourite teacher.

She's old, alone and afraid.

She has limited financial resources.

A big conglomerate worth a bizzillion dollars, whose CEO probably gets more in his Christmas bonus than she made in her lifetime, has come along and is trying to squeeze a few more dollars off the top of her pension using fear as a sales ploy.

Personally I don't think the policy is worth it and probably neither do they or they wouldn't be trying to scare aging people into buying it.

But that is exactly what they are doing.

Grrrrr. Grrrrr. Grrrrr.

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