Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here Are The News*

Have I got some news for you!

If no news is good news, then some news is bad news, right?

Not necessarily.  Some news is irritating, some is boring, some is silly but on occasion some news we get is heart warming.  Read on.

Canada (irritating)

We heard a lot about Khadar the teen terrorist last week. He killed an American soldier when he was 15. Dicey on many levels.

He's a Canadian.

He's an Islamic terrorist.

He was underage.

If we take him back then the Americans won't have to execute a foreigner who was a boy when he committed his crimes.

But do we want him?

I keep hoping that maybe he'll have a St. Paul on the road to Damascus experience.


Anyway, it took a while but I've come to the conclusion that the decision to bring him home was the right one.

He is our responsibility.

Ontario (boring)

Provincially, last week's chitchat among the columnists I follow seemed to be about how badly the Liberals are going to lose the next election.

Ho hum.

It isn't the first time that has been said and, (yawn), it isn't going to be the last.

Niagara (silly)

On the local level, the uproar was about Calgary's (free, online), mandatory ice rink behaviour class for parents who have enrolled little Johnny or Judy Canuck in minor league hockey.

Will it come to Ontario?

Is it necessary in Niagara?

Personally, I think it's a good idea.

Show people that the civilized response to a bad call by the ref is not whacking him over the head with a hockey stick.

I don't know if it would change anything down at the old arena, having idiot parents at hockey games is a proud Canadian tradition.

But it can't hurt anything either.

North Pelham

The best news this week was neighbourhood news.

My next door neighbour lost her husband a few weeks ago. It was a long, difficult struggle and his death left her drained physically, financially and emotionally.

She called me yesterday to tell me that her husband's old timer's hockey team turned up at her place Saturday morning and spent hours doing all of her yard work. The guys even moved heavy things she couldn't manage.

She sounded so much better.

Kinda makes you forget Omar Khadar, politics and abusive hockey parents, eh?

Nice way to start a new month.

* Edith Josie, reporter from Old Crow, Yukon to the Whitehorse Star, Whitehorse, Yukon 

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