Friday, May 6, 2011

New Contest! Get Hot and Spicy in Pelham

Oh look!  There's a picture of my fitness club!

Not Mossimo's with the yummy pizza.

Look up!

Upstairs you'll find

Fonthill Fitness

where it is all about getting trim and healthy

so that


 can eat that hot and spicy pizza and still

be hot and spicy yourself.

This is the spinning room,

That is me in the white t-shirt.

The instructor is Erin.

I love spinning,

but I have to tell you it is hard work.


it is worth it

because I love to eat.

I would rather exercise and eat

than diet and starve.

It isn't just getting on a stationary bike and pedalling for 45 minutes.

We learn to do handstands on the handlebars

and often jump through flaming hoops from bike to bike.

Just kidding. 

But the one thing we aren't is 'stationary'. 

Here Erin is showing a gym member the proper handle bar position.

If spinning isn't your thing,

this is Charlene

one of the yoga instructors.

She is demonstrating a fantastic stretch.

I say fantastic because I was surprised at how good it felt when I tried it.

This is a man.

I'm pointing that out because this is my first 'mixed' fitness club.

I haven't been in a gym with guys since

Mrs. Zathmary made us do folk dances with the boys in grade ten.

It is actually fun to have them around.

And they don't laugh and point half as much as they did in grade ten.

If you are thinking 'weights', Fonthill Fitness has them too.

Speaking of men!

This is Rick and he is one of the spinning instructors.

I tell you they are everywhere at FF!

But this isn't just 'a' man,

this is Mike.

He owns Fonthill Fitness.


Mike agreed to offer:

 a free one month FF membership for two people

(That's you and a friend, or
you and your hubby, or
 you and your teen, etc.)


 the reader of my blog

 who wins the draw

which will be held on

Friday, May 13!

small print: You have to live in Niagara.


All you have to do is send me the name of your favourite fit Canadian.


You can enter by:

1. leaving your comment at the end of this blog

(for those entering from the blogsite is

2. e-mailing me at


3.  leaving a comment on my face book wall

So if you are thinking of joining a gym, meeting new people and getting ready for summer

this is a good way to test the waters!

Here is the schedule of classes for May


 don't forget 

Fonthill Fitness 

is open every day for weight training and working on the machines!

Fonthill Fitness
1440 Pelham St.
Fonthill, Ontario
(One building down from Keith's Corners)



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wish I could enter, but it would be a hell of a commute if I won!

The Dancing Crone said...

I suppose Edmonton IS a bit too far away, Debra. :)