Sunday, January 27, 2013

We've Got a Lesbian Premier

English: Minister Wynne at the Ontario Liberal...
English: Minister Wynne at the Ontario Liberal AGM. Photo taken by myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine that!

 Ontario, home of the Family Compact, that group of joyless

Methodist Loyalists which had absolute control of Upper

Canada's business, politics and religious affairs

for the first half of the ninetieth century, has a female Premier.

 And not only that, our Premier is a lesbian!

Premier Kathleen Wynne!

The first in Canada.

I don't mean the first lesbian in Canada,

I mean the first gay Premier.


Take that you other provinces and territories!

We're not the dour old curmudgeons you think we are!

Of course she wasn't elected and she is a member of the

same party that seems to be bringing Ontario to its knees, 

but never mind that.

We've got a lesbian premier

and you don't!

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