Thursday, January 10, 2013

Phone Smarts

IPhone First Generation 8GB (3680455198)
IPhone First Generation 8GB (3680455198) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I survived the switch in internet providers.

But I must tell you that when the Bell service man asked if I had a smart phone I wasn't exactly sure what he meant.

I mean I know an iphone is a smart phone but I wasn't totally sure if other phones fell into the smart category or even if 'smart phone' was a brand name.
And I didn't want him to know that I didn't know.

So I just told him that I didn't have an iphone. 

"I just have a cheap phone ... from Bell,"  I added quickly lest he confuse me with the blogger who uses my name and always complains about his employer.

"So you don't have an iphone?"

"No I don't have an iphone." 

I relaxed.  We were communicating quite well I thought.

Then he looked at me the way a person who is paid to be polite looks at the imbecile to whom he is forced to explain the theory of relativity and said,

"But  you do have a smart phone."

It was a question although his voice didn't go up.


We were back to square one.

 "Welll,"  I said studying his face for a clue that might lead to the right answer,

 "It's definitely smarter than I am."

 No argument from him, my friends.

 Anyway, I survived, the Bell service man survived, my computer survived and even my phone survived.

But my image of myself as a baby boomer techno wizard sure took a beating.



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Jane said...

Lol!!! I believe I've gotten that same 'look' myself a few times. I think we should start getting used to it - it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

At least you're further down the technology road than I am, Francie. I don't have any kind of cellphone yet, smart or otherwise.

Katharine said...

LOL!! I couldn't tell you if my phone is smart or not...All I know is it rings I answer, it beeps I read and then type, and so far, our relationship is going smoothly! Lots of luck with your new provider!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

You're not alone, Francie, and you're even further ahead of me. I haven't got a clue about all these techno gadgets. iPHones, Smartphones, Blackberries, iPads, iPods...oooffff...I have no clue about these things, and what's in or out. I'm totally outdated!

Adam said...

I have a dumbphone

Unknown said...

That's funny. I had smart phone issues too since I actually don't use an iPhone, I have a Droid but I assume that they mean does it have a touch screen, that's how I base it's smartness :)

Introverted Art said...

this is funny. If one really thinks, does the term "smart phone" imply other ones are dumb phones?

Magaly Guerrero said...

I LOVE your brains so much. And your wit. You've made me laugh so much with these words.

I don't have a smart phone either. I get strange looks when I go to conferences. Other writers and reporters ask me, "How can you write and not have a smart phone." I'm always tempted to say, "With a pen, and my computer," but I never do.

Besides, I like my phone to be dumb, that way I can pretend that it just didn't know to pick up a call when my brother calls to drive me insane ;-)