Sunday, January 20, 2013

Farewell to the Copper

This is my piggy bank.  I've had him for, hmmm, at leat 10 years.

I bought him naked and then painted him green, added sparkles and a pretty ribbon.

He usually  sits on my landing under my pen and ink drawing called "The Fence".

Unfortuantely being in such a heavy traffic area he gets a few scrapes and bumps now and again.

But whenever I've had any spare pennies I've fed him and he cheers up.

Well, at first it was only pennies,

but when I realized I wasn't likely to manage my old age on pennies I started

giving him nickels and dimes too!

He gets around.

Here he is getting a little too friendly with Flynn the dog.

Sometimes when I'm sitting on the floor taking my own picture, he comes in for a hug.

He often discusses the national budget with  the only cat in the house that doesn't use

the litter box and eat me out of house and home.

When he learned that his days are numbered because the Federal government is going
 to phase out the penny he tried to run away.

But I assured him that I will glue him back together because I luvs him.


I'm going to crack him open on my birthday, Feb. 5th.

He's ablut 1/3 full. 

Mostly pennies.

I'm going to roll the pennies, take them to the bank while they are still worth something

 and donate the money to the Out of theCold breakfast programme.

So here's the thing. 

For every person who guesses within $2 of the actual amount

I will throw in an extra toonie.  ($2 dollar Canadian coin)

You are allowed one guess, but you can change it at anytime.

And I promise I will post a picture of green pig after his surgery!


My own guess, not that I'm good at this sort of thing is  $21.17


Doug Jamieson said...


Introverted Art said...

Piggy is getting majorly frisky with Flynn. Flynn does not seem to enjoy Piggy's advances AT ALL!

The Episcopagan said...

Had a guess of $30 on fb. I'd be thrilled it I could donate $32!!

momto8 said...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor Piggy! I like the photo of him trying to run away. Hmmm, he's a fair size and about one-third full, eh? I'll err on the side of largesse and guess 50 buckaroonies!

Actually, this reminds me that I need to roll my own pennies and other coins too. A good thing to do on a winter's evening.

Adam said...

I miss my old piggy bank

Jane said...

Ahhh :) Loved this! I'm going to guess $19.63, the year I was born.

And how wonderful that you are donating the money to such a worthy cause. I can still remember my husband and I (we were in our early 20's) sitting on the floor for hours rolling pennies we'd been collecting. We'd no sooner traded them in at the bank and we were at the Chinese restaurant blowing it all, lol!! We still laugh about it to this day.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said... this post, Francie, you silly gal, you! My favourite is the runaway photo; made me laugh out loud. Not that I didn't feel sorry for the poor little piggy, of course :)

Hmmmm...let's see... I'm going to guess $33.52.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I think he will be really proud of his battle-wounds after you explain to him where his guts are going.

You guys make quite the striking couple, by the way ;-)

Rick Watson said...

This post made me smile.
Rick ~ Your latest follower.

Pamela said...

What a fun post. I'm quite confident there is 34.43 in Mr. Piggy's belly. We need to start a "Save the Piggy" movement to encourage piggy makers to create a plugged hole so piggies don't get hurt in the process.