Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If Only I Could Sing As Well As I Can Dance

Here's the picture I'm working on at the mo.

It's called, "If only I could sing as well as I can dance"

which is quite funny because in real life I can do neither.

I was trying to express how the wave structure of

matter and standing wave interactions,  

explains the quantum energy states of matter and light 'quanta'

just the way Albert Einstein said in 1905.


Oh wait. 


Maybe I was wondering if I should bother going to the gym today

because it's raining.



It isn't finished yet but I like all of the chaos and movement

around the dancer and her skirt.


It explains the quantum energy states of matter quite clearly, I think.

Or maybe my subconscious is telling me that I need more exercise.

It's so hard to understand art.


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