Sunday, January 13, 2013

Indian Winter

Idle No More: Attawapiskat protester
Idle No More: Attawapiskat protester (Photo credit: jonathonreed)


Billions of dollars are owed to the First Nations people according to the
treaties that have been signed between them and the Federal Government

since Confederation.

Today they are knocking on the door asking for their money and demanding
to be free of Federal Government inept monitoring and control.

The Conservative Government, however, would rather put the money

If you are like me and your home town newspaper is controlled by the Sun
Media right wing conglomerate, it is sometimes difficult to get the other side
of a story.

You can watch for opinion columns like the one written by Warren Kinsella. 

He is intelligent, amusing and refers to himself as the Sun's 'token

Jeesh.  That's an understatement.

To me he often sounds like the only journalist over at Sun who isn't frothing

at the mouth and afraid of water.


Reason is out there. 

The article, Attawapiskat: Firing back at the racist rants and ignorant
responses with facts, on is a must-read.

It was written by Âpihtawikosâ, a  Métis originally from Alberta now studying

Civil Law in Montreal.  You can read it here.


An essay, entitled Truth is more complex than Attawapiskat audit can tell us,
(sorry you'll have to google the title to read it), by John Ibbitson at

the Globe is also worth your attention. 

But whatever else you do, tie your tent down tightly.

 It could be a long bitter winter.

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