Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tire Blog

This blog is about tires.

This is not a tire.
This is a garden fairy that got flash frozen in Niagara's first snow fall of the year.

This is not a tire either.
This is Flynn the dog wearing red so I can find her in the snow.

These are tires.
And the fact that they are on the spy car is the reason for the blog.

You see, they are ALL WEATHER tires.
Not All Season tires - ALL WEATHER tires.

Each tire has both winter and summer treads and they are made of a new kind of rubber that 'likes' Canadian summer and winter driving.
They stay on your car all year round.

I decided to try them because I havee no place to store snow tires anymore.
The brand I chose , (Optimo), was the brand that our local Canadian Tire Store carried. 
The only test rating I found was from Germany where they gave them a very good score.
I figured that  if the tires were good enough for the people who invented the Panzer tank they were good enough for me.

Today was one of those sleety, snowy, icy days when the roads are very slippery.
I managed to do some city driving and some highway driving. 

I had great traction.  I was even able to stop easily on a snowy 45% angle slope.
So if you are unable to store your snow tires or you just hate the bother or expense of changing tires every six months, ALL WEATHER tires are an interesting new option.

And that's it.
No more tire blogs.
I promise.

To make up for it here's a cute picture of Flynn sitting in the spy car watching me scrape the ice off the windows.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for the tip -- I've never heard of "all weather" tires before. I have all season radials but I don't do any highway driving so they work well so far.

Cute pup!

Jane said...

Great info. I have all-season tires and they do the job for city driving... sort of. I've wondered whether I should get winter tires a few times for that reason. All-weather ones sound like the perfect solution!

The Dancing Crone said...

EEk! You both have All Season??? Too scary! PLEEEEEZE consider All Weather tires. They are expensive but you'll be so much safer!

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