Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank-you Lise St-Denis

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Early one winter while  was living in the Yukon I found myself in the wrong place at the right time during a social function.

As I exited a washroom stall I came face to face with a burly man who was in the process of exiting the stall next to me.

This was long before unisex washrooms and I was extremely put out that he had so violated my privacy.

Probably looking much like the Butterbrains stick figure I like to draw, I put my hands on my hips and said frostily, "Well! I  hate to tell you, but you are in the wrong washroom!"

He looked at me and replied on his way out the door, "Well I hate to tell YOU, but YOU are in the wrong washroom."

And I was.

Anyway it can happen.

And being in the wrong place at  the right time happened to Lise St-Denis, MP for Saint-Maurice-Champlain this week.

 And she probably hadn't had as much to drink as I'd had.

Like many Quebecers she fell in love with the dying Jack Layton and agreed to let her name stand as an NDP candidate during the last federal elelction.

But Jack has been gone for a few months and NDP policies were not sitting easily on her conscience.

So she opted for our most honourable dishonourable parliamentary practice, she crossed the floor.

To the Liberals.

 My impression about the way this has been handled is that if Bob Rae gets any more laid back he'll be in a coma and the media isn't jumping through hoops about this because they hate to admit the Liberal party isn't as dead as they have been telling us it is.

 And personally I think we should all be happy that Lise Saint-Denis didn't lead twenty disgruntled Quebec MPs across the floor to the  BLOQ.*

*Quebec Separatist party

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Andy j said...

I remember doing that at a bar in Disneyland. I can still see the look on the woman's face who was entering as I was exiting.

Alcohol is such a good antidote for embarrassment; however, I find it not too effective the next morning.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What puzzles me is that she was an NDP party worker for 10 years before standing for election. And now she says she doesn't agree with party policies? Where the hell was she for 10 years -- in the wrong washroom?

The Dancing Crone said...

Good point Debra, but possibly NDP policies have changed over the decade and she had finally had enough. I did read it was based on the Party's position on the military. But we'll probably never know.

Jane said...

Lol, I love an embarrassing story... when someone else is telling it!!
I don't follow politics very closely, but I did notice this in the news and couldn't help but think of Belinda Stronach - I remember the huge deal that was made about THAT, but for all the wrong reasons - our very own Made-in-Canada soap opera as I remember it :)

The Dancing Crone said...

I forgot about Belinda Stonach, Jane. Yes that floor crossing was a show stopper. Now, Peter has gotten over his broken heart and married a beuty queen. And here I thought he was after Condaleeza(sp?)Rice.