Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Transgendered Tales

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Two transgendered women made the news this week.

And the reasons were very different.

 Jenna Talackova, a Canadian transgendered female, was forbidden to take part in the Miss Universe Pageant  by Donald Trump, (who evidently owns the contest).

The 'good' news is that after hiring an expensive American lawyer and making a big and very public fuss she is going to be allowed to strut her stuff after all.

Now she can degrade women just like anyone who was born with a vagina and has the looks, the money and the shallowness to enter the contest.

I was still pondering her 'win' against Mr. Trump when  Angela Turvey made the local headlines.

Angela Turvey is a transgendered female from Niagara who works as a peace maker for the Occupy movement.

Unfortunately she had her nose broken and an eye socket fractured when some police officers took her to the ground while she was filming a scuffle between the protesters and the police in Toronto a few days ago.

The case is now being investigated.

The upshot of these two cases is that

Jenna Talackova is  trying to make a difference for marginalized  people
and so is Angela Turvey.

The difference is that the people in Jenna's margin are 1% of the whole
whereas Angela belongs to the 99.

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Jane said...

I feel bad for the transgendered community - it's a hard road to travel and I'm sure it's not one they would have chosen on their own - powerful forces, that we'll never understand, shape these decisions.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I do understand the need to fight for it, but the Miss Universe Pageant isn't something I'd want to be part of. Yes, degrade is the right word for it. I sometimes forget that it's still going on.