Sunday, April 29, 2012

Returning to the Goddess

The head of an Egyptian goddess. The gender is...
The head of an Egyptian goddess. The gender is suggested by the lack of a beard, and the simple hairstyle points to the divine status of the subject. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was not surprised to see that the federal government has moved to quash the ruling that would legalize prostitution in Canada.


It bothers me that our western culture has never developed the female side of God.

It bothers me because life in heaven as viewed by a society usually reflects that society's social norms.

In other words, those with power on earth will make damn sure their gods are made in their own image.

If God is perceived to be male, with no female counterpart to balance things, the worth of all females is devalued.  

I think that is why there are 900 missing aboriginal women in this country.

I think that is why the law that would regulate prostitution and give the women who are on the lowest rung of society a measure of protection, is likely going to be struck down.

And I think that is why there is a strong, quiet movement among women to return to honouring the Goddess.

Women, in the Christian heaven or on Christian earth, just aren't that important.

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