Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where the Hell is Mrs. Satan?

Satan Girl
Satan Girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, where is she?

Where's Mrs. Satan?

Christians have a well developed male god named, well, God.

He can be merciless and vindictive to evil doers as well as loving and protective to His people.

Christians also have an evil god named Satan.

If you aren't careful he can lead you to do bad things and then God won't want you in heaven.

This makes Satan happy because then he gets to keep your soul in hell for all eternity causing you endless excruciating pain.

My problem with all of this should be obvious.

Where's Mrs. God and even more puzzling where is Mrs. Satan?

Well, truth be known, Mrs. God is making a comeback.

And I must say it is about time.

For thousands of years before the Israelites brought the warlike Yahweh  out of the desert people worshipped the Goddess(es).

And today,  many women not finding themselves reflected in the Christian God or church are returning to paganism. 

And the movement is growing. 



But that leaves one person unaccounted for.

Where the hell is Mrs. Satan?

The question is more important than you might think.

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Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I'm certain that once Mrs. God makes an appearance, Mrs. Satan won't be far behind. Gotta keep up with the 'Joneses', you know :)

Anonymous said...

There is a Heavenly Mother,just as well as there is a Heavenly Father.Our Father in Heaven loves her so much that he does not want the children of men.Draging her name through the mud and disrespecting,her station in the plan of happiness(salvation)though that she is rarely ever mentioned in the scriptures is true.It would thwart the whole plan of Happiness though if we did not have a mother in Heaven there waiting our return.But out of our great Eternal Fathers love for her he does not allow his children to dissrespect her.Which to me is inspiring.

About the other....Satan as part of his eternal punishment was denined a physical body to house his immortal spirit.As part of that punishment he was rendered imputant.He was also aware though that this would be the case so before he was cast to the earth.He prepared also a woman who entered covenants with him that she would follow him after they were denined a physical body and cast out to the earth.So Satan or Lucifer was cast out at the great council in heaven and also one third of the spirt sons and daughters followed him that day.The daughter who entered into unholy covenents with Satan(lucifer) back in our heavenly home on this home became The Mother Of all Harlets,The Great and Abomanable Whore of all the earth.Who follows the dictacts of her counter part satan>Tempting and destoying the souls of men.When the history books are unfolded to research she is there as one of the tempers of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mr. Spellcheck?

The Episcopagan said...

Thanks for your comment anon. I am not familiar with any of the stories you mention.

The Episcopagan said...

Oh and I don't think Ms spellcheck is not available in the comments section.