Monday, April 23, 2012

Did Bev Oda Hire a Rhinoceros?


Cabinet Minister Oda

In light of today's news that Cabinet Minister Bev Oda is in hot water over a expensive trip to London, I thought I'd check in again with Secnarf, the only living member of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.

Francie:  Secnarf, there is a rumour that you quit the Rhinoceros Party and got a job with the Conservative Party as Bev Oda's double.

Secnarf: Lies. All lies.

Francie:  Well nobody can believe that a REAL cabinet minister would go to a conference in London and refuse to stay at a five star hotel because it wasn't good enough.

Secnarf:  Bloody 'ell! It weren't me, Ducky!

Francie:  So you deny the accusation?

Secnarf: Blimey!  Do I look like a Tory?

Francie:  Yes. You look like Bev Oda.
And there IS going to be bloody hell to pay when the average Canadian taxpayer finds out that Minister Oda stayed at a swanky hotel at double the price and we still had to pay for her original rooms.

Especially because Canadians  are being asked to cut back and food banks are empty and ...

Secnarf:  But I paid ... I mean Minister Oda paid all the money back to the Canadian tax payers!

Francie: Yes. After The Canadian Press found out about it and released the information.

Secnarf:  Crap.  I hate journalists.

Francie: So what do you have to say now?
The rich pay $16 for orange juice in a pretty glass at the Savoy while the middle class is carrying a heavy tax burden and the poor are hungry.

Secnarf:   I say the poor should haggle for tuna in dented cans. Then they wouldn't be hungry.

Francie:  Jeesh. We've heard that one before.*
But, thanks for your time, Secnarf.  We'll check back during the next election.

Secnarf  Always a pleasure! And don't forget:

Vote for SECNARF
 the only candidate who looks like a cabinet minister!

*David Tsubouchi, a Conservative cabinet minister in the Ontario Mike Harris government once suggested the poor haggle for dented tins of tuna.

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CorvusCorax12 said...

can you imagine how much of this doesn't get found out?....pretty sickening. When hubby was still in the military and had to do any traveling he had to account for every penny and the travel allowance was capped. Wonder how she got away with this ?
Plus i read in her case it wasn't the first time .

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

There is so much crap that we don't even know about. And you know, the dented tins of tuna comment irritates me to a level that no words can describe. UGH! Makes me sick.