Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grave Faces VIII

I came across this pajama party angel a few weeks ago.
She looks just like a teenage girl at a sleep over.
Her mouth is open and she's telling me something.
Something personal, because she knows me so well.

And it's just as scary now as it was in 1967 -

for different reasons.

This woman is not interested in telling me anything.
She's on a mission.

Her head is tilted down with determination

and her eyes are set on her goal.

Although I'm sure  the message is about heaven,

I must say that I've seen that look
on the faces of teachers who are desperately

trying to find time to get to the washroom
during recess.

I get the feeling that

she knows that I am here

and at any moment

her eyes will snap open.
I don't linger.

If this angel is aware of me, 

she doesn't let on.
Her wings are big and heavy looking

and she is very slight

so perhaps she is simply tired.

I suppose angels have to grow into their wings and
adolescence is a struggle in heaven too.

This little fellow really made me laugh.
His name is Hope,

 but neither his face nor his position

suggest anything hopeful.

But he is patient.
If he has to
he can wait an eternity

 for someone to come along and free him.

But he won't have to wait - 
because the message of Spring is
rebirth and hope.
Happy mid April, everyone!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Happy mid-April, Francie! That was quite a tour. The one where you wrote about her eyes snapping open kind of creeps me out. Statues with their eyes closed send chills down my spine. I always expect their eyes to snap open and stare right at me. Maybe I've seen too many horro films...LOL...

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

As soon as I saw Hope I too burst out laughing.