Friday, March 30, 2012

Bob Rae Has Great Hair

Picture of Bob Rae
Picture of Bob Rae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What's with the new evil laugh attack ads on TV?

Sure Bob Rae has a weird laugh, as we in Ontario know only too well, but using a personal characteristic to sway the voter's opinion is despicable.

The Tories got their majority, there is no election coming, so why go after the Liberal Leader?

My guess is that the ads aren't aimed at the general public.

They are being fielded as a warning to Liberal Party members who are gearing up to elect their new leader.

Bob Rae is supposed to be an interim leader, remember?

"Elect him and we're coming after you!" is the message here.

But Bob Rae, if nothing else, has charisma. 

And great hair.

And that scares the pants off the Conservatives.

(And we are all so fond of them after the robocall debacle.)

Ontario Budget

We can't afford a provincial election. 

We are in deep financial doo-doo.
So I,  in my ladylike retired elementary school teacher manner, 

say, to All of the parties and All the unions,
for the sake of every soul in this province:

F***ing work together
and let this budget pass.

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