Friday, March 16, 2012

McClintic, Rafferty and the Death Penalty

Last week I was appalled to read that more than half of Canadians would like to see the death penalty brought back.

This week I learned what happened to sweet little Tori Stafford.

Tori Stafford was an eight year old Ontario girl who was abducted by an 18 year old junkie named Terri-Lynn McClintic for  her 31 year old boyfriend, Michael Thomas Rafferty.  After the punching, the stomping and the  brutal rape by Rafferty, the junkie bashed Tori's head in with a hammer.

The death penalty has been on my mind ever since.

Should it be reinstated?

I would still vote against it.

But I will tell you that if the government announced today that they were making an exception in this case  and McClintic and Rafferty were going to be put down like sick animals - I wouldn't be at any jailhouse protest marches.

They do not deserve to live.

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