Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking the Falls on Victoria Day

Victoria Day celebrations along the great undefended border, 2012!

The fire works are always set off over the crashing water of Niagara Falls.

The tiny lights you see on the bottom left are on the American side.

I'm sure they wonder why we celebrate the birthday of a long dead Queen

 who, as far as I know,

never came here. 

But they've never asked

so we've never had to come up with an answer.

And who cares anyway.

It's our long week-end 

and it marks

the beginning of


It wasn't a long display,

 (they don't want patrons away from the casino for too long),

 but it was one of the best I've ever seen.

This is part of the crowd walking back up Clifton Hill after the  display was over.

As you climb you will see many true Canadian artifacts

such as this fellow with his moving head and flashing red eyes.

Of course this is where Canadians go for fun, games, prizes and rides.

And if you'd like to join us, well pony up my friend!

We'll gladly take your American dollars, English pounds,

Euros, pesos, beaver pelts

 or whatever else you may have!

These guys work in a window

like some ladies in Amsterdam,

but this is Canada.

They are making fudge.

There is an open area at the top of  Clifton Hill.

Everyone in the world passes by.

It is a great place for people watching.

You can see the Casino tower at the top.

No I didn't go on it.

I'm sure you get a lovely view of the Falls

but I'm not one for heights.

And of course there are moose in Niagara Falls.

They don't usually wear their ceremonial red jackets,

but hey it's the Queen's birthday!

Hope you had a royally good long week-end!


CorvusCorax12 said...

great pictures, but what stands out the most is white pants are not your friend ;)

The Dancing Crone said...


Jane said...

Loved all of your pics Francie! Wish I could have been there for all the festivities. I always enjoy Niagara Falls - so many good memories attached to the place (I eloped there and we've hosted family reunions there over the years) I lol'd at the guys making fudge - that's about as exciting as it gets here, north of the border.

Some guy jumped off Horseshoe Falls yesterday (suicide attempt) and survived with broken ribs, scrapes and a collapsed lung. I noticed that he still had both of his shoes on when they wheeled him into the ambulance. His time's definitely not up just yet!

Anonymous said...

Lol, the white pants/trousers were impossible to miss!
It looks like the place to be on Victoria Day. I am longing to see Niagara Falls on any day of the year.

Lynn salter said...

For me the majesty of the sites was heavily overshadowed (aka blocked from view) by inctedibly rude peoPle of assorted ethnic food groups who felt it was THEIR right to push past us(people who had waited almost2 hours, reserving our 'osition..,our claim so to speak) and take the best spots for themselves as well as their busload of family. Rude, ignorant. Yet we polite canadians just muttered "sorry" as we were pushed further and further from our original vantage spot. I just may be becoming somrwhat racist! Or is there a word for lack of toletance towards stupidity! The fireworks were an
Amazing experience but i did not enjoy the company of others who felt it necessary to "triumph" over the "natived" by sheer arrogance. Uuurrrgggh!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We've been to Niagara Falls twice, and always had a blast. And spent a fortune...but we won't talk about that...

The Dancing Crone said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Lynn I think it must be a Canadian thing. When I was in England I was astonished at how rude some tourists can be - pushing everyone else (ie Canadians who tend to follow the rules) aside to get the best of whatever is going on. Oh well, we can clobber them in hockey!

momto8 said...

how fun and festive!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fireworks over the Falls would be so terrific to see! Whenever I'm in Niagara Falls, I try to avoid the touristy part of the town and just focus on the Horseshoe Falls.

Victoria said...

Super-fun post..fab photos..yum..fudge! Hope you had a wonderful V-Day wkd!