Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Crap

I don't eat mammal sandwiches, mammal lasagne, mammal burgers or mammal anything anymore if I can do so politely and I'm someplace where there is a food option.

I do eat poultry, probably because chickens are so mean and I eat fish because ... well,  I guess they just aren't cuddly enough. 

I tried the complete vegetarian thing but when my fingernails started peeling away I knew for me, it wasn't going to be an option.

However my foray into the world of vegetables did leave me with an amazing respect for people who can do it.  Especially the vegans.

I stand in awe of the Vegans.

Therefore I was quite happy to see Holy Crap on the top shelf of my local grocery store.

I know that I am probably the last person in the world to try

"The world's most amazing breakfast cereal"

 which is vegan and is

"made in paradise

(Apparently, in B.C., they are only allowed 10 French words for every 200 English words on their cereal boxes because the only French I could find was "la plus incroyable cereale petit dejeuner du monde"."

Holy Crap is made of hemp hearts and all kinds of organic stuff - except wheat.  It is wheat free.

It looks very different from my usual Quaker Oats.  I guess the little roundish things are the hemp hearts. 

And I agree with you completely. How many hemps had to die so that I could try a vegan cereal?

But then there is so little of it in your bowl - you only eat 2 tablespoons of Holy Crap at a time, so one has to assume there are still vast herds of hemps grazing across the B.C. interior at this very moment.

So how did it taste?

Holy Crap!
You should try it.

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Jane said...

Holy Crap - that name is a brilliant marketing move!! I have been vegan and vegetarian and everything else at one time or another. Vegan was very tough - it was a challenge to eat at home (too much prep and thought has to go into it!) - let alone eating out - you may as well forget that! I also ended up driving my family crazy with all the things I couldn't eat.
Right now I am eating all creatures, except for shellfish of any sort and pork, which I haven't had that in close to 20 years (I read once that pigs have the intelligence of a 4 year old and that was it for me) I'd love it if I could get by without any animal protein, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
I'll keep my eye open for this - where did you get it from?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Holy Crap" is one of the products that got investment from the Dragons Den and I believe tonight on CBC, the Dragons Den show is doing an update on "Holy Crap" and other invested-in projects. So good timing!

I have heard other people rave about "Holy Crap" too but apparently it is super-expensive. Small-market products always are.

Jane, I've seen it for sale here in Edmonton at London Drugs.

Tracey said...

I think we could do with some Holy crap over here.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Love the product name! It sure gets your attention. I've never noticed such a product over here, so I'm assuming it's a condensed market. I'm not a big meat eater. I enjoy chicken and fish more than anything else. I could never do the vegan lifestyle, but I so admire those that do.