Friday, May 10, 2013

No Awards Please, I'm Curmudgeonly

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I have to come clean about this award thing.

 You know - the blogger awards.


The truth is that I don't like them.


But because I am a female Canadian of a certain
age my response, (on the odd occasion when someone

actually gives me one), is usually


"How lovely."


But, (and I hate to say this), that's not how I really feel.
Usually they cause me a great deal of anxiety.

Heck, one of the last ones I got the giver doesn't
even read my blog.

She just reads my comments on HER blog.






When I first heard about a blogger award
the winner had to pass it on to one person. 

And that wasn't too bad.


Now it is up to seven and I think you have to include
a video of yourself selling your first born child on the corner

of Yonge and Bloor in downtown Toronto.

 It is beginning to feel like those high school chain
letters that start out by saying, "You will die in three
days if you don't pass this onto 376,257 of your friends."

My point is... well, it probably doesn't matter what my
point is. 


I doubt if anybody is still reading. 
Except maybe Doug, my first blogger buddy.

I've burnt my bridges,
managed to offend everyone in one swell foop.


I'll be drummed out of my circles and  
stripped of my blogger epaulets.


My virtual goose is cooked.


But the relief of having finally said it
is enormous!!


P.S.  But I'm always pleased when my buddies get an award!
Just think of me as the neurotic sitting in the corner, eating the

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