Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grounded in Merritton

A now-abandoned lock of the Second Welland Can...
A now-abandoned lock of the Second Welland Canal in Merritton, Ontario. The photo shows the previous location of one of the two lock gates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had started a new blog

about my hometown Merritton, Ontario 

and was hoping to inspire others Merritton people to blog

their stories about  the old town.

On one hand I haven't been very successful.  I didn't realize
that blogging is a unique  form of writing to which not all people

can  adapt.

On the other hand the face book group that I set up to go along
with the blog is becoming quite popular.  More and more folks

are connecting with long lost friends and the "do you remember
when ..." conversations are long and always amusing.

Old photos are coming out of albums and being posted for
everybody to see. 

People we've lost are being mourned.

It has given me a feeling of being grounded. 

Of belonging.

I'm still hoping to round up more bloggers but for now
I'm one happy Cave Springs* camper!

* Cave Springs was the name of the camp a

lot of Merritton kids went to in the summer


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