Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bringing Back the Death Penalty

Woodcut Les pendus
Woodcut Les pendus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When sweet little eight year old Tori Stafford was

sexually tortured and then murdered by being put

in a plastic bag and having her head pulverized with
a hammer I blogged that if the Canadian Government

decided to reinstate the death penalty for her two
killers I wouldn't protest it -

even though I would vote against bringing it back on a
permanent basis.


Today I was at the museum talking to another volunteer.
We were discussing the recent murder of Tim Bosma,
the young husband and new father from Hamilton, Ontario.


Bosma went out with two men to test drive a vehicle he
was selling and never came home. 

His burned body was found a week later.    


A young, wealthy man named Millard - who sported a
ridiculous pink Mohawk haircut in the photos that were

published, was charged with first degree murder this

But the police are looking for at least two other men.


My co-worker thinks Millard has been set up.

What he says makes sense.

I mean how likely would it be for even the most stupid of
murderers to go to his own mother's house and leave the

victim's truck in her driveway?


And then there is the matter of the car and car owner they
checked out the previous day.  A big man who wouldn't have

been easy to overpower.


My friend thinks that who the victim was didn't matter
to the killers.

Tim Bosma with his tiny baby, heart breakingly eloquent
wife and frantic family was just unlucky.


He thinks the killers wanted to frame Millard and send
a message to others who do whatever nasty business it is

that Millard was doing.


He also thinks they might be back in Russia by now.


I don't know how close he is to the truth and it will be a
long time before we find out.


But I will tell you that I am now open to discussions on
re-instating the death penalty.


And that is something I never thought I would write.

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