Friday, May 31, 2013

Desperately Seeking Debra

I got an e-mail awhile back from Debra, letting me know 

that she and her rare one were going to be

in my area soon and asking if I would like to

meet them - and Lois,

for coffee.


Well who wouldn't?

I mean if you follow Debra you'll know she's

a bit of a mystery. 


So I jumped in the spy car and headed towards

Steeltown aka Hamilton, Ontario. 


Well my friends, wonder at her mysterious

ways no more, because not only did I get a few

pictures of Debra I got one of her bare naked







And just so that you know that I am serious

in my role as a blogger who uncovers what

is hidden and leaves no stone unturned in

her quest for the truth, here is a picture of me,

Debra and Lois studying a map of the route

Rob Ford will most likely take when he is

hounded out of Toronto.


Oh, we had a grand lunch which ended

far too quickly.


And Debra, when you get home and read

this, I must say that I'm sorry that I had

to be the one to unmask you.


Lois made me do it.






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