Sunday, February 3, 2013

For Eggplant Lovers Everywhere


I totally hate the name eggplant. 

It makes me want to move to Quebec so I can call it la plante aubergine.

But I do love the darn things

AND I found out that in some places they are called

Mad Apples!


Google didn't specify exactly where those places are.

Sadly one of them is not boring old Sobey's, where I shop.


Anyway, I found this recipe by my favourite vegan cook,
Laurie Sandowski, in my mail box this week and thought,



Ms Sandowski calls this recipe Imam Bayildi (Turkish Stuffed Eggplant)

I call it Mad Apples in a Pot.
Here's the link:

(if you go to the link you'll have the option of getting her delish/healthy recipes delivered to
your mailbox)
Or, if you prefer, here is the recipe, complete with my spills and fingerprints:

Oh and don't tell this to vegan Laurie, I served it with crusty garlic Parmesan bread. 

Bwa ha ha!

And happy Super Bowl Sunday to all you football fans out there!

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