Monday, February 11, 2013

Rethinking a Blog

Lake of Bays, Ontario
Lake of Bays, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I've had something on my mind for several days now.

I've been uneasy.

And it has to do with the stand I took on the image of the

woman who lost her breast to cancer.


The first clue that I had a problem came when I made

a typo at my blog site.

I was shocked and unsettled, you could even say rattled

when I reread my response to a comment. 

I'd written that I agreed with the person when I had actually

intended to say that I disagreed.

It was a classic Freudian slip, although I refused to see it that

way at the time. (I hate to be wrong about anything.)

I hurriedly deleted my response.


Second, I received a letter from a dear blogger friend

explaining how the image had given her courage to do something

that was actually of great benefit to many disfigured children.


Although my internal response to her letter was alarm

I replied with a sort of "well isn't that nice" comment.


The light still hadn't come on.


Then last night I dreamed I was standing on a wooden dock on

Lake Ontario not far from where I live in my awake life.

I knew that my 'dream' house should have been at the end

of the dock but I could see that it wasn't.

Instead, the dock sloped gently into the dark water and disappeared.


When I woke I realized that there was a message in my

subconscious mailbox, (water being the dream symbol

for the unconscious), and if I wanted to retrieve it and
end my unease
I was going to have to walk down the dock

get into the water and start working with symbols.


Next blog: Looking at the image symbolically

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