Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the Grand Total Is ...

$10 in quarters, $20.20 in dimes, $6.30 in nickels, $4.16 in pennies,

2 looneys and a puzzling number of coins from Mexico, France,

England and Germany which don't count

- and I have no idea how they got in there anyway.

The total amount of money in the pig was $42.66

 One person

came close to guessing the amount.

On face book my long time friend, Wendy, who lives in Perth, Ontario

guessed $42.21.
Anyway, that means I will throw in an extra tooney
and donate $44.66 to the 'Out of the Cold'
Breakfast Programme. 

As for the pig, well she's on the mend as you can see.

She'll be getting a new coat of paint and a pretty new ribbon

and I'll post her picture when she's done.


And what will you be doing with your Canadian pennies now
that they are goners?

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