Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Gods Love a Hero

There was a time when The Hero Archetype was

exclusively male, but the thing with archetypes is that

they evolve -  they become more or less powerful

as shifts occur in human thinking.

There is no lessening of the importance of the male Hero,

(think of Frodo or Nelson Mandela),

it just happens that we live in a balancing time in the

history of humankind.




The archetype that we identify as The Hero

begins her journey by going on a quest,

(in this case she begins by looking for a cure

for a dreadful disease).

The Hero also has to undergo terrible


(i.e., chemotherapy, radiation),

at great personal cost,

(the loss of her breast, a powerful symbol of

womanhood in many societies).

It is absolutely necessary that The Hero

sacrifice herself for the sake of others,

(she allowed her body to be photographed and

her identity made public to give courage to other women).

Finally, The Hero archetype must  slay the monster,

(the cancer, in remission).



So now that I  think I understand
why this remarkable image resonates
with people,
I should feel better.
But I don't.
It still makes me uneasy.
Next blog:  Confronting the shadow

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