Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Time to Vote!

Well, what do you think?

I've been doing some renovating as you can see. Lots of paining and wallpapering, (you can see the great wallpaper that blogger picked out at the edge of the blog).

So is it too wombish?

I have been bothered by the bare naked white of my blog for some time. I tried to soften it with some colours during my last renovation but it just didn't feel like me. I kept getting Sunday School knees* when I looked at it. But I liked the template and I was also worried about changing everything right in the middle of somebody's read, so I kept it.

But a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

If you caught my blog yesterday you might have noticed those anaemic birds up in the corner. Couldn't stand 'em. I'm all for birds, just not stuck in one place on my blog day in and day out. Today I decided to go back to a simpler template and experiment with colour.


Let me know what you think. The survey box is up on the right.

Feel free to comment or make suggestions. 


*In the 1950s Sunday School was always in church basements and little girls were not allowed to wear long pants to church. My skirt covered the tops of my legs and my socks covered the bottom but my knees were always so bloody freezing.



Anonymous said...

Sunday School knees???I was so busy shrinking mr. S to a miniscule replica of himself that I hardly remember my knees. Of course, I was wearing those hand-me-down coats that had i known about you and your dilemma, I could have made room for you in. I know, i know, never end with a ?preposition!!
Anyway, I like the colour, but I find it somewhat difficult to read.

Susan said...

I like the idea of colour but the red is a little startling and hard to read ... I enjoy your blog Francie!

The Episcopagan said...

Thanks Anon. (you really need to look up your password, Jane). And thanks Susan. The 'hard to read' comment is important because that's the whole point of the blog! So thank-you muchly for your input...