Thursday, August 12, 2010

For Tummy and Soul

Café, bakery, gift shop: Nature's Corner, 302 Canboro Road in Ridgeville.

Right on the corner of Canboro and Effingham Streets.

This is without a doubt the tastiest, heartiest, healthiest vegetable soup in Niagara.

To go with it, I chose a wonderfully frothy Matcha green tea latté

from a large selection of fair trade and organic teas and coffees.

Egg salad on fresh whole grain bread - to drool for!



I fell in love with this sour cherry, hand rolled whole wheat pastry crumble pie.

The pies at Nature's Corner are filled with fresh Niagara fruit.

A basket of fresh fruit bread!


I wish my blog had an aroma tab.

I buy Nature's Corner Granola for snacking.

But Nature's Corner isn't just about delicious, fresh, local food,

it is also about being a fair trading partner.

These products are from El Salvador.

If you are gift shopping, don't forget to look up.

You'll find great purses suspended from the ceiling

as well as some surprises.

This cheery little doll watched us have lunch from her perch in the corner.

And make sure you look down, too!

The perfect gift could be anywhere!

Actually, you'll find a selection of unusual, unique gifts wherever you look.

This is Carol. She owns and operates Nature's Corner.

She also raises money to help disadvantaged people in El Salvador. 

This is also Carol.

We can help make the world a better place by supporting her.

And we can enjoy a mighty fine lunch in the process.

Carol's mission is to provide products for her customers that help sustain the social and environmental needs of farmers, families and communities of developing countries.

Fair Trade Makes Sense.

Videos of Carol's recent trip to El Salvadore can be viewed at


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