Monday, July 19, 2010

It Just Isn't Canadian

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A Canadian has always been a person who agreed with the opinion of the last person with whom she or he spoke. That gave rise to our well-deserved reputation as being a particularly polite group of people. Everybody liked us. If we had personal opinions, we kept them to ourselves until the rest of the world went home.

That isn't to say there weren't Canadians with opinions. That's why God gave us Rick Mercer and Christie Blatchford, after all.

The problem is, thanks to easy access to facebook, twitter and blogger, every single Canadian  has an opinion on everything now. Which might be okay except we don't agree on anything and nobody knows how to compromise because most of us have never had opinions before.

Take the outpouring of vitriolic comments about the G20 fiasco in Toronto. Like a dog with a bone, we just keep shaking it. But we aren't getting anywhere. Nothing new is being said. Not one mind is being changed. It just goes on and on.

I tell you, this business of having opinions, well, it just isn't Canadian.

I think we should quit talking about it, let the civilian-led police inquiry happen and then see where we are.

That's my opinion.

Not that I expect anyone to agree.

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Jane said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you! ENOUGH, I say! The noise about the police is beginning to wear. IF some of the police acted wrongly, in some areas, FINE-let's find out at the inquiry, and deal with it. But why isn't the noise against the jerks who saw an opportunity for vandalism and 15 minutes of "fame" as loud or, wait a minute, much louder! By comparison, I have heard very little about the cops that were there, undoubtedly the majority in my mind, who acted with honour and integrity, and who kept what could have been a much uglier situation under control for the most part. Let's not wash all police with the same cloth! Exactly why DO we seem to often protect the villains in the piece, and attack those earnestly trying to do their job?

The Episcopagan said...

Thanks for your comment, Jane. I've promised myself that I won't blog about it anymore because as you say it is wearng thin.