Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New American Normal

Moby Dick (2010 film)
Moby Dick (2010 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I despair for our American friends.

Watching them go through their painful election process is like being forced to stand by and watch the death throes of Moby Dick.   Except that this Moby Dick never dies - just keeps on suffering for months and months and months every four years.


I don't usually blog about television shows, definitely not American ones, but last night by happenstance I watched a show called "The New Normal". 

Probably everybody in the world knows about it but me, but just in case you haven't seen it I can tell you that it is about a gay couple, (not sure if they are married), who have hired a surrogate mom to have their child.

Last night episode had a lot to say about American politics. 

Don't get me wrong - it is a sitcom, but underlying it all there was a serious message.


On the surface the 'good' characters were mostly young Democrats. (In Canada this would be like the Liberal Party with maybe the NDP thrown in for good measure).   

The audience was set up to dislike the Republican, rich old lady who spoke in a nasty, strident voice. (Think Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party).


The problem is that she spoke some truths that many of us left leaning types don't want to hear.


It was a bit heavy handed, but I haven't seen a decent show that dealt with current issues this well since "All in the Family".


It helped me get a better grasp of what this election means to Americans. 

(I just wish they could do it faster.)


Anyway I'm going to try to remember to watch it next week.

PS Just so I don't feel compelled to do a second blog on TV shows, I must tell you that I've become hooked on "The Murdoch Mysteries." Set in Toronto in the 1890's it is wonderful and in its own way deals with some interesting issues such as women's right, religion and abortion. 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I haven't watched "The New Normal" yet but on your recommendation, I'll give it a peek next week.

I've been a "Murdoch Mysteries" fan for a few seasons now -- I'm so glad that the CBC saved the show after its cancellation on its original channel. I think it's still in reruns on the original channel though -- so it's still easy to see all the old ones!

You know, Stephen Harper is a big fan of "Murdoch Mysteries" too. That's the kind of company we're now keeping, Francie.

Anonymous said...

One of my Canadian friends recommended the Murdoch Mysteries; very enjoyable.

Pandorah's Box said...

Sounds like an interesting show! I like shows that can pull off funny and politics well.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I'm way out of touch with TV shows since I never watch TV, but you've made me cruious enough to want to check this show out.

Incidentally, I loved (and still do) All In The Family because it touched upon subjects that no one else wanted to. And made fun of Archie Bunker, and in essence, every bigot. It was way ahead of its time.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Can you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? That is about as much politics as I can take these days. I wish they would get it over with already, but Jon always keeps me inform without making me pop a vein in anger and disgust ;-)

Introverted Art said...

I never heard of the New Normal :P I guess is a good thing. Elections this year is a joke... neither candidate has anything to offer but critics to each other... One far right wing who thinks women should walk around wearing chastity belts and in the other a person who believes in giving fish instead of teaching to fish...